Writer, Mom, Geek, Anime Lover, Reader, Artist…GAMER

Phaedra is a National Best Selling author of the Zoe Martinique Series and the Eldritch Files Series. She’s published short works in several DAW anthologies, as well as been blessed to work in such franchises as Start Trek, Eureka!, Battle Tech and Shadowrun and sold her first original series in 2007 to Penguin.

She lives in the south with her daughter, in a land of evergreen and Spanish Moss, where ghost stories are as prevalent as pine trees. Where the countryside is dotted with the long abandoned ruins of farmhouse chimneys and rusted barn doors. Fond memories of sitting in the back of pick up trucks parked on the edge of corn fields on chilly October nights fueled her love of ghosts, spirits, vampires, ghouls, fairies, elves and shape shifters.

She is also a lover of all things Final Fantasy, and has been known to binge play Final Fantasy XIV for hours on end. Recently she’s joined Valhalla’s Guardians <NORSE> on the Mateus Server, Aether and has finally found the best group of FF14 fans on the planet. Not to mention, just plain old good people. Come and have fun on Mateus!