Oak & Ash & Thorn

Midsummer Knights

Book 1

A month has passed since Tam Kirkpatrick learned he was the son of the Leprechaun King. An Unseelie, half-human, half-fae. And that the tattoo on his arm is actually his Shillelagh—the last Shillelagh not under the control of the Morrigan.

His protector and member of the Clurichaun Clan, Áine McCuill, pushes him to learn the art of stick fighting so he can defend himself and others physically as well as magically. But instead of bringing them closer, Tam feels even more distanced from his people than ever. Compounded by the pressures of being labeled savior for the Unseelie people, and his never-ending feelings of failure—because he hasn’t been able to summon his Shillelagh since dealing the Morrigan a damaging blow— Tam turns back to music and his Bodhran. 

Will Tam survive without his newfound abilities as he faces a monster of Wild Magic, bloodthirsty redcaps, and assassin Spriggans, as well as self-proclaimed allies he doesn’t trust before the Morrigan can capture him and use his magic to rule the Faery and Human realms? 

Midsummer Knights