The Dark Backward

The Ordinary World



Thou hadst, and more, Miranda. But how is it
That this lives in thy mind? What seest thou else
In the dark backward and abysm of time?
If thou rememberest aught ere thou camest here,
How thou camest here thou mayst.  

~ William Shakespeare, The Tempest

US Marshal Miranda Evans brings in the worst of the worst in serial killers. She relishes the take-down and the arrest. But in her private moments, memories of something dark and foreboding in her past rob her of her dreams, images that make sleep something she fears and craves. Her partner Able Perez, both on the job and in life, has her back in everything, and on the eve of the anniversary of her Grandmother’s death, proposes marriage. But something inside her calls her back to the place where her Grandmother died, where her mother disappeared, where her step-father was charged for their murders. Something buried in those dark images. Something she feels she has to face before she can go forward with a new life as Able’s wife. 
Elijah Knight is every woman and man’s dream. With the face of an angel and the voice as well, he’s brought the industrial band Skin Trade from obscurity into world wide success. But there is something about Elijah his adoring fans don’t know. He’s a Cambion, half human, half demon. And the members of Skin Trade are Night Walkers, all tasked with the job of keeping Elijah’s darker powers under control. 
And so far, they’ve been marginally successful. 
But something is coming. Someone from Elijah’s past. Someone who could make him question who he is, what he is, and what he could become. Someone he was told to forget. 
In the city of St. Louis, someone is leaving a trail of bodies. Or rather, parts of bodies. And though in town visiting her Grandmother’s home, Miranda is assigned to find the killer and bring him in. All clues lead to the dark, sexy and brooding bassist of a band in town for a series of concerts. 

A bassist whose voice haunts Miranda’s dreams and brings those dark, hidden parts of her past to light. 

Vampires, guns, dark magic and an incubus make this a riveting urban fantasy romance you’ll remember for some time. Follow Miranda on her journey to her past to explain the dark and tantalizing future before her. 

The Ordinary World