The Eldritch Files

Elemental Tears

Book 8

Now that Samantha no longer possesses the powers of an Elemental Witch, adjusting to life as a mere mortal, married to a Drachen, is harder than any enemy she’s ever encountered. Why? Because though she’s powerless, her friends aren’t, and those powers are leading them down paths she cannot follow. 

Ivan’s inability to resist the call of the Cyber Web has Dharma terrified. She’s worried about his physical health after finding him unresponsive.  

Kyle’s growing power in Southern Conjure has the Witch’s Parliament worried as the only tertiary member capable of controlling and advising the young Hedge Witch is now on his own path of destruction as he searches for the Dragon’s Eye. 

And to add fuel to the fire, an old friend has discovered Sam is vulnerable and with Crwys busy investigating a mounting number of what appear to be Voudoun related murders, there is no one there to protect her…

…or the secret she’s keeping from everyone, including her husband.

Elemental Tears