January 31, 2018

Zoe Short Stories / Novellas

After receiving a lot of email about the smaller stories for Zoë Martinique, and posting the question in facebook, I am happy to announce, the following stories are now available once again, with new covers and reformatted. Not all of the vendors have populated yet. Just know they will be available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks by the end of this week. I’ll put out a newsletter with full links, as well as update the links on this website. 

AND, Zoë has now been added to my list of books, from the four published by Penguin to the later ones. Also, the reading order has now been posted in FAQs, which is a page I really need to update. 

Going on the record now, these are the only shorts / novellas for the series. As of right now, DOMINION is the last book in the series—but not the FINAL book. So any books that come up in google searches, if they are not listed here, they are not relevant to the story of Zoë Martinique (except for Native Soil, but I haven’t included it here because that’s a book about Jason Lawrence). 

But for convenience, here is the READING ORDER FOR ZOE MARTINIQUE

The individual books are listed here with links to their pages on this site (as of the posting of this information, the books are only available on Kindle. More vendors coming this week). Please excuse the quality of the images, I’ll be fixing those in the next week or so.

Also, if you want them all in one spot, scroll down for the anthology. 

This is the first story with Zoë and Nona, before WRAITH, before anything else. This story was originally published in the DAW anthology, CRIME SPELLS.

When I wrote Wraith, I wrote it kinda long. This story was a part of the original book (though not finished at the time) before I cut it off at the bathroom scene. This story is very Dags centric and takes place in the last scene of WRAITH. 

This story was written as a promo for a local shop I adore, The Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore. The ghosts in this book are real, as is the hole in the basement of the shop. 

This book is a bridge novella between REVENANT and GEIST. 

This takes place between GEIST and DOMINION. 

A bridge novella between GEIST (Book 5) and DOMINION (Book 6) of the Zoë Martinique Investigation Series, SOUL CAGE introduces the issues at stake at the opening of DOMINION. 

Also, for those who do not want to get them separately and want to keep them all together, there is an anthology called TALES OF THE ABYSMAL PLANE also available. 

January 18, 2018

January 9, 2018

What's Coming...

Yes, the Fiction Machine, as I like to call it, is back up and running. After a rather lengthy hiatus (and submersion into gaming), the Garden is full, and the imagination is primed. 

The first release up is book one in the Oak & Ash & Thorn series. This series is based on the short story, the Morrigan, which appeared in the anthology, Once Upon a Curse. Follow Tam Kirkpatrick on his journey into the Realm of Faery and his discovery of his identity as the Unseelie prince, his destiny as the foretold savior of the Faery Realm, and his doom. 

Ebook will be available January 17th while the paperback should be available by the end of January. I’ll announce its release then. 

Originally I’d wanted to release the 3 book series at once but time, life rolls and 2 other series butted in and demanded attention. So this will be a bi-monthly release, along with some other surprises. 

I will announce the release here on the site as well as in the Newsletter!