January 9, 2018

What's Coming...

Yes, the Fiction Machine, as I like to call it, is back up and running. After a rather lengthy hiatus (and submersion into gaming), the Garden is full, and the imagination is primed. 

The first release up is book one in the Oak & Ash & Thorn series. This series is based on the short story, the Morrigan, which appeared in the anthology, Once Upon a Curse. Follow Tam Kirkpatrick on his journey into the Realm of Faery and his discovery of his identity as the Unseelie prince, his destiny as the foretold savior of the Faery Realm, and his doom. 

Ebook will be available January 17th while the paperback should be available by the end of January. I’ll announce its release then. 

Originally I’d wanted to release the 3 book series at once but time, life rolls and 2 other series butted in and demanded attention. So this will be a bi-monthly release, along with some other surprises. 

I will announce the release here on the site as well as in the Newsletter! 


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